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The Mind is Playing Tug of War

Elephant and hippo playing tug of war

The egoic mind is playing with attention. (sort of)

The mind, which is not you (it is only a part), which is not at all self- aware, is playing with your attention; with everyone’s attention.

Watch it as it attempts to pull your attention to the past or the future. As you, the awareness, remains in the present moment, watch the mind in its attempts to pull you out of the present moment.

Is it reminding you of all the things you have to do today?

Is it thinking about something that happened last week, last year, this morning?

Is is wondering why you are reading this instead of doing something else?

What is it saying at this very moment? Stop reading for a few moments and watch it.

Now, as you begin again, is it speaking yet again?

The magnetic pull of the ego has become automatic and to escape this pull requires presence. The egoic mind will pull your attention to anything and everything other than the present moment.

Why does it do this? Well, one answer is that the mind lives and operates in the duality-based world. It is past and future. It is hot and cold; it is up and down. The only reality the ego knows is duality and so it doesn’t survive in the present moment.

However, the present moment is where peace resides, it is also where we truly are; it is who we truly are. The witness of all that is swirling around us and if the ego gets its way, it drags us into this duality-based world.

The solution, when and if you have ever had enough of life's roller coaster, take a step into the present moment, and just watch the swirls. It is entirely possible and probable that one could get really used to this wonderful feeling of peace.

The observer lives in peace, beyond duality.

The mind will continue to play tug of war over and over again as it attempts to drag attention into duality and it will do it many, many times. However, in growing awareness, you begin to realize what it is happening and so ends the mind’s reign over you.

Awareness has arrived.

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