Simple Ways to Practice Presence

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

1. Yoga Class

Give your full attention to what you are doing. Listen to instruction and follow along, pay attention to the class and notice the tendency of the mind to wander. For example, the mind may wander to what you did earlier, it may begin to watch others in the class to see what they are doing, it may wander to later in the day. Notice this.

2. Brushing Teeth

Pay attention to the brushing. Notice as you put the toothpaste on the brush. Notice as you brush each tooth, inside of cheeks and tongue. Notice whether the mind wanders to the anticipated events of the day and return your awareness to only what you are doing.

3. Walking or Running

When you go for a walk or a run, do just that. Leave the headphones at home. Pay attention to what you are doing and the sounds around you. Notice what the mind does. Notice any thoughts that arise and return your awareness to the present moment.

4. Cooking

When you are cooking, focus only on what you are doing. Notice the feel of the tools/utensils in your hands. Pay attention to the smells as you season the food. Notice the tendency of the mind to wander and return your awareness to the present moment.

5. Washing the Car

Just wash the car. Notice the temperature of the water. Notice how the dirt slides off of the car. Notice any thoughts that arise. Give your full attention to the washing of the car.

6. Driving Home from Work

Turn off the music or news and just drive. Decide that it doesn’t matter how long it takes to get home or what the traffic is like. If you are sitting in stop and go traffic, notice the movement of the car, notice your foot pushing on the brake, notice any emotions that may arise.

7. Do One Thing at a Time

Complete one task at a time. Finish it completely (if you can) and then put it away. Be finished with it then move onto the next. Notice how little time this takes.

8. Pause between activities

Take a few seconds to pause between activities. After to get dressed, pause, then pick up your keys, pause, walk to the car, pause, get in the car. Just a second or two is enough.

9. Taking a Shower

This is prime time for the mind to wander. Notice this. Just take your shower and notice all the things the minds wanders off to. Simply notice and bring your awareness back to the shower.

Choose one or more of these to begin practicing presence or if you already practice presence, add one of these in. Notice the thoughts that arise but most importantly, ONLY notice them, do not get involved with them, do not make them into a big story or identity about you. They are only thoughts and the tendency of the mind to wander.

I hope you enjoy these practices and some unconscious thoughts arise and “fly away” for you. Practicing presence can lead to a crystal clear mind, nothing left unconscious.

If you would like personalized coaching regarding the practice of presence, I am available by booking a session or you can email with any questions.

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