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  • Susan

Hunched Over Meditation

John Mulaney is great in this video. He is actually great in all of his performances, hilarious, but in this particular clip he shows a wonderful example of the misconceptions about meditation as well as the workings of the egoic mind.

Meditation is portrayed as an act of doing and yes, sometimes we sit in formal meditation, but meditation is truly our natural state. Meditation is the state of being where the egoic mind does not pull attention away from the present moment. In other words, in his present moment onstage there is an audience that he is interacting with, an audience that is enjoying his stories, there is a certain energy there, the present moment, where he said, "let's be silent," that is the misconception.

The silence is the state of observing what is happening. The silence is the state of being that observes John Mulaney and the audience laughing and interacting. It is aligning with that silence that is present in all things and in all situations. That is the meditative state.

He could be in a meditative state all day, hunched over on the toilet, looking at his phone, being eye, high-fived. If he is aware of the silent observer in every situation, he is in a meditative state.

It is the egoic mind that says, the present moment is mediocre at best, that it hates sitting erect, that the present moment is boring. The ego dies in the present moment, there is no judge, no critic and so egoic activity ceases as you place your conscious attention on the present moment.

When he discusses the wandering mind, using his imagination, not remembering driving, that is the egoic activity "stealing" your awareness. This is the moment when you are completely unaware of what is happening. You could very well be singing a song while doing this. Perhaps Yesterday by the Beatles. "All my troubles seemed so far away, now it looks as though there's here to stay." Do this enough and your subconscious mind is programmed to believe that you have troubles that stay with you. Huh.. then you wonder why you have troubles. This is a super simple example and you would surely not have troubles from singing one song but it is an example of the conditioning that takes place unconsciously year after year of not being aware.

Does, this mean we do not listen to Yesterday, or Love is a Battlefield, or I Can't Get No Satisfaction, or any other song about troubles of some personality. Maybe not but to be aware, to pay attention without judgment is to live in the present moment, it is to live in a meditative state. Then those lyrics, the opinions of ego, the state of affairs on the internet, no longer negatively affect us.