Causeless Happiness: The Split

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

The split causes internal stress and conflict. You (awareness is) are here in this present moment, yet your awareness is being magnetized out of the present moment. This causes a split in awareness or consciousness.

To live in the present moment is to know only it. The moment.

The egoic mind is continually moving between the past and future; and because most people are firmly attached to the egoic mind, their awareness is drawn away by it. Discontinuity is created.

Conflict arises between what is happening in the moment, and what has already happened or what the egoic mind projects, worries about, or wishes would happen.

The split is the current state tainted by what was or what could be.

This creates inner conflict and stress. The problem is that most of us do not know this is happening because little to no attention is placed on the shenanigans of the egoic mind. The pull of awareness is so common that it is thought of as normal, yet it is not the natural state of being. The natural state of being is calm and peaceful joy.

Many live in the past, constantly following the egoic mind as it continues to play back what was into the present moment.

The past has already been, and it is tainting what is. On the other side of this the egoic mind is projecting into the future, what could be, what might happen, or what it would like to happen.

Past or future brought into the present moment creates this split in awareness.

Watch it for yourself. Watch how this happens, it is often so subtle. You are here now and suddenly your mind goes to past or future. It rarely stays in the present. This is the split. Your awareness is split.

The response to this is to remain present, remain aware of what is happening in the present moment, as well as the happenings in your mind. This brings clarity and increased awareness to the mind.

The practice: watch your mind for a week. Watch it move to past and future. It could be past as in 2 minutes ago; it doesn’t have to be years.

The mind draws awareness away. Watch it project itself into the future, what could be, even what you will do this afternoon. I’m not talking about making a list of plans, but watch the mind contemplate the afternoon, next week, what could possibly happen, how it will defend itself. It can be subtle. Watch it. Once you notice the split, the split begins to cease.

Simply observe. Do your best to leave any judgment out of this experiment.

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