Causeless Happiness: Meditation

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

It’s all about observing your inner state.

The majority of the world is attempting to fix or change the outer world to meet their expectations without the slightest nod to one’s inner state.

You may find your expectations are not met in terms of job, relationships, weight, fitness level, politics, neighbors, family, money, anything. Attempting to change the outer world while ignoring the inner world is exhausting. Presence and meditation changes all of this.

Know the inner world through presence and meditation and then see how the outer world begins to change.

When your inner state is calm and clear, the outer state falls in line. It just doesn’t always do it the way the mind “expects” it to; but there IS peace and happiness.

In practicing presence, keeping your attention on the present moment, it is also helpful to have some sort of meditation practice.

If you have never meditated before you can find tons of guided meditations online. There is a really nice free app called Insight Timer which has a lot of options, and they vary from just a few minutes to an hour or more. Start with what works.

Meditation is really allowing the mind to become tranquil and observing one’s inner state. Simply slowing down, doing one thing at a time, doing it completely is a meditation in itself.

If you run or work out, do just that, without a podcast or other distraction. Just do your workout so you can observe what’s happening in the mind, (thoughts, emotions, reactions) that’s meditation. You will see what is happening within and for many, their inner state is in turmoil.

Don’t’ judge this, that is simply more mind stuff. Just notice the inner turmoil. After a while it begins to subside.

Gardening, knitting, coloring, cooking, walking, anything where you are simply doing that one action and not allowing the mind to go off into a bunch of stories, that is also meditation.

It is being one-pointed. Your attention on one action at a time without a running commentary on what is happening and stories all around it.

Notice when the mind darts off to stories and tales of the past and what its going to do later. Notice when it is having imaginary conversations with people who are not even there. Notice the mind activities and bring it back to the present moment. This is meditation.

Meditation is presence and presence is meditation.

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